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Mayo Nurses?


Specializes in Dialysis.

Greetings to you Arizonians? Or is it Arizonites? Either way, was looking to see ppl's opinions of working at Mayo. The one on E. Mayo. My mom is the transplant coordinator there, and she says I can get a great sign-on bonus, my move paid for (I'm in TX) if the hospital recruits me. I've never worked in a hospital before, just the chronic dialysis clinic. I figure once I get my RN we can move to Phx and get a new life going!

So who works for Mayo, how do you find the environment to be? Are there good advancement opportunities and benefits?

any info appreciated!

Hoozdo, ADN

Specializes in ICU, Research, Corrections. Has 15 years experience.

Have you looked at their employment page yet? Not too promising for jobs.

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