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Mayo Clinic Externship Mayo 2021

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Hello! I am just about to start my 1st semester of the BSN program at the UA. I am really interested in the Externship offered at the Mayo Clinic and plan on applying following my two semesters, however I have been having a hard time finding more information on Summer 2021. I am not sure if there would be different criteria since all clinical are pushed to online. Also, I know this is an incredible opportunity, however it is unpaid. Was this an issue for any one that was considering applying?

I was wondering the same thing. I wonder if the criteria that they use to select applicants will be different because the world shut down. 

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Something to keep in mind is that the July start New Grad RN Residency, as well as the Summer Externship were both canceled for this year.  The application period for the Summer 2021 Externship isn't going to be until February (traditionally).  It is hard to say what everything will look like until then.  But, the hospital powers that be are well aware that students missed clinical time.  But, I believe that students have been returning to some units.