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Maybe Clinicals instructor doesn't like men

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I post this in the male students section and i am trying to get some more reactions....

So here is it the problem .....

up until now all my clinicals has gone great, instructors like me ,I learned a lot, it was fine .

recently I started  clinicals in Pediatrics and the instructors seems to just not  like men. she won't let me or the other guy in the group answer questions and she keeps telling me to stop running my mouth  when i try to present the info i have collected on my patient. I  have recently realized that she won't let me go near any of the children ,always saying there's not enough time.... when I prepare an IV drug  she gave it instead  of me.

  she asked me to send her an email of all the things I did wrong today and i was the only one she asked....

 I don't know who to turn to I don't think that anyone in my school will believe me and I'm afraid to make it even worse.

To be clear I have not done anything to make her doubt  my abilities....i answer the small amount of questions that she asks me correctly and have not made any mistakes in skills or safety. 

 I want to add at this point that I don't easily go down the whole gender bias road but I can't find any other exclamation.

I can probably get thru this rotation but i am starting worry that she is going to fail me and feel the need to record our interactions to prove what she is doing.

Apart from the fact that she makes me feel like *** i am afraid of retaliation if i actually get her saying somthing on tape 


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Don't record her. If you're recording her on the unit that could be a HIPAA violation if you're discussing patients, and frankly unless you know the recording laws in your state it's likely illegal to record someone without their consent -- either one of those is enough to be dismissed from your program.

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That really sucks man, I'm sorry you have to deal with that because it's pretty unprofessional on her end and I'm sure it feels like your excluded from a lot of opportunities to learn in the clinical setting. Have you tried talking to your pediatric course coordinator or one of your program directors? But I agree with SamC1988, definitely don't record anything in the clinical setting. It's a trap, lol

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