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max deployment for critical care nurses

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been a while since i've been in here. Quick question: I was told multiple times that max deployment for critical care nurses in the usar is six months at a time by the recruiter. I've been drilling with another medical unit prior to oblc, and thoses officers keep saying that all nurses can go for a year (except crna's). Does anyone know the website that has this in writing? I'm sure i saw it somewhere before i commisioned.

Thank you all.

jeckrn, BSN, RN

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It depneds on what type of unit you are with. Some are only 6 months others are 12 months. Go to the HRC nursing web site for the ALARACT 005/2008 which covers PROFIS deployments. So if you are deployed to CENTCOM it will be for 6 months, if stateside to backfill it will be 12 months.

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