Maternal Newborn CCCP

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Hi, I am a junior year nursing student and I am applying for a maternal newborn critical care certification program. I am interested in NICU and PICU nursing. I was wondering if any of ya'll knew any more information about this it mostly for people who want to be OB nurses or is it also for student's who are interested in the NICU and PICU? Okay, thanks!!

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Not sure the exact program you are interested in, but every certification program I am aware of for critical care is exclusively for experienced nurses. For example, I am getting ready to take the CCRN Pediatric exam and it requires 1750 hours of direct bedside care in a critical care pediatrics environment.

Could you provide some additional detail about the program you're looking at?



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I don't know of any nursing certification that doesn't require 2000 hrs of clinical practice. If you are interested in PICU I would looked into taking a PALS class or NRP if you want NICU. YouCAN take pals/NRP in nursing school but not certifications.



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sorry I never got back to you guys on this. Thanks for responding!! Our school (Bachelors program) offers 140 hrs in a crit care clinical, in place of our leadership clinical, and a PALS certification and they call it a CCCP or critical care certificate program. I thought many schools did this, but I guess it is just my school that calls it that. I got in and am very excited to start clinicals! Thanks for your input!