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Master cardiology vs master classic ii

by Auston Horras Auston Horras (New) New

I'm buying my first big-boy stethoscope. I work in an ED and I don't want to miss something that I could have caught with better ears on. I've always had my eye on the Littman master cardiology but obvs its like $300 compared to the master classic at $90. I'm generally a "you get what you pay for" kind of guy but if the only difference is being able to tell a grade 1 from a grade 2 murmur by ear then I don't need it. But if the difference is being able to hear atypical pneumonia from covid vs normal lung sounds then I do.

I have googled everywhere and I cannot find a subjective review on these 2 stethoscopes head to head. Can anyone give me a personal experience or point me to a data driven analysis of the acoustics of these 2 'scopes?

Master cardiology is a worthwhile investment. I used a basic Littman in med-surg but got the cardio one when I worked in dialysis and subtle heart/lung sound changes were very crucial to pick up on.