Anyone starting Massasoit RN program this fall? I heard from the Director that they had 800 applications for the 50 or so slots. Congrats if you got in.

I would like to know what kind of stats you had if you did get in, ie GPA, classes already completed, test scores, etc if you would like to share that info.

I am accepted to a different porgram for the spring, but the cost is prohibitive and I am wondering if it is worth the risk in rescinding my accceptance.



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I'm actually on the waitling list for the Spring Program at Quincy College.... when I went into the whole application process, I had no idea of how overwhelmingly competitive it is just to get in!

My pre-req's were Chemistry and A&P, plus a placement test. I got an A- in A&P lecture and an A- in the lab. And I got a B in Chem and an A- in the Chem lab.

I only applied at Quincy... I like their option of the evening program. I'm crossing my fingers to get called off the list for Jan '05!



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I am a senior at MCC. YIPEE...Yes it is difficult to get in. Last year, when I got accepted, the had something like 500 applicants and took 50.

How did I get in? I am not really sure. I am a solid B student, scored ok on the placement test, and had all of my prerequisites done. I really beleive that having all the requisites done is what got me in.

Good luck,


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