Salem State Direct-Entry Nurse Practitioner May 2013

  1. I have applied to this program, and was requested an interview this coming Friday. Has anyone gone through the interviewing process? What is it like? And, how should I prepare?

    I am very nervous, and I don't know where to begin. Please respond!

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  3. by   BrittanyNicole90
    I had my interview a week or two ago. It was a very nice meeting. I brought my resume and copies of what I had submitted just in case but didn't need them.
    You will do fine. FYI- they discontinued the women's health track. Not sure if you were aware. I hadn't seen that anywhere before the interview.
    Good luck!
  4. by   Pillow
    Hi BrittanyNicole90,

    I did not know they discontinued the women's health track. The website didn't indicate otherwise. What other tracks are available? And most of all, what type of questions were asked during your interview?

  5. by   BrittanyNicole90
    They put the women's health track "on hold" technically so only Adult is available. She just went through my record and we more or less had a conversation about my experience and record. It was pretty informal. It felt more like a meeting than interview. Did you apply anywhere else? I'm nervous we won't hear back until April and it starts in may.
  6. by   Pillow
    I applied to UMass Boston's accelerated program. And I have not heard anything back. I wanted to apply to MGH Institute but I missed the deadline b/c I was still taking my prereqs. I honestly have no hope for either school b/c I have a less than stellar GPA.
    How long did your interview last for? Best luck to you!

  7. by   BrittanyNicole90
    I think an hour maybe. It went by fast though. I'm wait listed at Mgh and Regis right now. Still waiting for northeastern.
  8. by   Pillow
    I had my interview today. The interviewer explained about the program, but she did not ask me questions about myself. I left the room feeling that she did not get to know me b/c of the lack of questions. Ehh, I don't know now.
  9. by   BrittanyNicole90
    That's sort of how I felt. I know she liked me and we went over my resume a little. I tried to keep pulling in my experience as we were speaking but she didn't directly ask much. Like I said... Felt more like a meeting/conversation than interview. What do you think of all the changes to the program? Did they say when we would hear back?
  10. by   Pillow
    I believed she said March 29th (she talked so much I couldn't retain everything she said). Fingers crossed!

    Oh, and I can't private msg you, so I will respond to you here:

    I was able to take the patho course at Butler after I emailed the counselor my transcript showing that I did take patho at my other college with a passing grade. So having Anat II as a prereq at the time was not necessary. Thankfully, I completed patho and Anat II all in one semester!
  11. by   BrittanyNicole90
    Thanks! She was vague when I asked... Seems so late when the program starts in may!
  12. by   Pillow
    Hello Brittany.
    I just want to let you know my status changed for Salem. It says I've been admitted to the School of Graduate Studies at Salem State U. It's so vague because I do not know for sure if it's for my actual program or not... or a mistake! I'm so mind blown.
    I can only tell once I receive the actual admission letter. Did you hear anything back? Other schools? Good luck!

  13. by   BrittanyNicole90
    I got it!!! Thanks for letting me know!
  14. by   BrittanyNicole90
    Are you still waiting to hear from other schools? It starts in may!