Salary surgical center cape cod

  1. My family and I are considering moving back to cape cod and I am wondering if anyone here knows about the surgical centers on the cape.

    I have very extensive experience and am currently an all hospital floater (I work in ICU, telemetrymed-surg, NICU (limited)) , ER and have experience in trauma ICU and OR recovery in ICU SETTING.

    I would like yo work at a surgical center as PACU recovery and wondered what are the hourly rates for that?

    i currently make $42.00/hr

    thanks for any info you can provide
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  3. by   jodispamodi
    On the cape very limited surgical centers, the hospital fought against licensing them and I never see any openings, years ago I worked at one on the l
    upper cape, bad pay and limited cases often done by 12pm.