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  1. Can't find the CNA salary thread, so I hope it's ok to start one. I noticed the hospital salary thread for non-cna's and was wondering what are CNA salaries and where (hospital/nursing home/home health)? Especially in the Lowell area.

    Just finished CNA

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  3. by   bostongrad07
    Every boston hospital i know of has a scale for pay (even for cnas)... so if this is ur first cna job, you make base pay, and if you have experience each month of experience = an increase in pay... so it depends on your experience how much your pay will be..
  4. by   April, RN
    In my experience, I've found that hospitals pay a little higher than nursing homes. I'm not sure about Lowell specifically, but base pay for other areas in MA is usually in the $11-13/hour range.