MCPHS Worcester, insights?

  1. Hello. I was accepted into the ABSN program at MCPHS Worcester and am curious about the current state of the school. It's hard to judge based only on online comments, but it seems that some of the school's programs are struggling with retention and quality issues.

    Does anyone know if that perception is [FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#000000]correct? Also, would you recommend the Worcester program? I am writing from[/COLOR][/FONT] Florida and have little knowledge of Massachusetts schools. Any input at all would be appreciated!
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  3. by   RissLilly94
    from what i've heard, most of the issues are with the Boston campus rather than the Worcester. I don't personally know anybody that's been through the program but I know a few nurses in the area that speak highly of MCPHS in general, but again, not sure which program they were more familiar with
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    Thank you. I appreciate it!