looking for baylor?

  1. So recently i decided to enroll in lpn-rn bridge program,and have been looking for weeknd baylor shifts in mass & nh(i have dual license) and havnt found anything! Have they done away with them due to the economy? I even worked baylor as a cna 5 plus years ago.Hoping i can find one so i can utilize my weekdays to studies.Has anyone come across them?
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  3. by   motheringis4me
    Sorry to say that many facilities have eliminated their baylor programs, two that still have them but may not have shifts open are Brooksby Village in Peabosy and JRC in Swampscott. Good luck in our search...that's what I did to get through school until they got rid of them in my facility.
  4. by   Selene006
    I'm not sure about NH but Lawrence home health VNA and Whittier Rehab Hospital in Haverhill, MA still offers Baylor shifts. Working Baylor for a kindred healthcare facility allowed me to earn my RN BSN while working as an LPN but that facility no longer has Baylor shifts. Good luck in your search! On the downside, Baylor where I worked got discontinued with less than 2 weeks notice from my employer. Be prepared for anything!