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  1. Hi All
    I'm new to the Boston area, living on the North Shore and looking for a part time or per diem position.
    I'm an RN with 16+ years of pediatric ICU / BMT experience. I am also a certified Spanish medical interpreter Would welcome any suggestions.
    Thanks so much...
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  3. by   RNcDreams
    Wow! Looks like you have a great background.

    If you are looking for a hospital that isn't "In town", and are open to working in a non-ICU setting, I'd say check out Beverly Hospital, Winchester Hospital, or Salem Hospital, as these hospitals do provide emergency and inpatient pediatrics.

    Another option is to look on Craigslist. If there are chronically ill children in the area that are in need of homecare, often their parents or homecare company are looking to fill a shift or two a week.... check it out! Most of the kids are trach'ed, have G-tubes, etc. Just another alternative to consider.

    Best of luck!
  4. by   lookpatty
    Thanks so much...I'll start looking.