Infos about Assabet LPN program....

  1. Happy new year to y'all !!!

    I'm trying to get into the LPN program at Assabet Vocational High School, hope it isn't too late !!!

    Please does anyone attend that program in the past or right now?

    I need advices please, can I succeed the TEAS V score required without the school study guide?

    Does anyone has the TEAS V study guide, i mean the ATI one ....Pls help me out , 2012 is here, August is tomorrow, I need to succeed!!!

    I just moved in westborough in november, how do I get a proof of residency or a city clerk signed letter they request ??? I don't pay the rent, neither bills, don't drive and don't receive much mails... do you think i may order something from amazon to proove my address on the box or what else ??? pls help me out ....

    Luv y'all
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