1. :uhoh21: hi i live in Springfield MA i am looking to find out where may i go to school here. i want to take the LPN course but dont know much here any help is very useful or advice on how to start my new career. I have always wanted to be a nurse and now is my chance since my baby is 9 years old so i decided to look into it but i dont know where to start
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  3. by   Leda
    Approved schools of nursing are listed on the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing website,

    The following schools of practical nursing are located in the western part of Massachusetts:

    BerkshireCommunity College, 343 Main Street; Great Barrington, MA 01230; 413-499-4660 X450
    Greenfield Communtiy College c/o VA Medical Ctr., 421 North Main Street;Leeds, MA 01053;413-582-3055
    Holyoke Community College; 303 Homestead Avenue; Holyoke, MA 01040; 413 -552-2458
    McCann Technical School; 70 Hodges Cross Road;North Adams, MA 01247; 413-663-5383

    The place to start is by contacting the schools closest to you to find out about the admission requirements, the nursing program's curriculum (length of program, expectations of the students, etc.), tuition, financial aid opportunities, and anything else that might help you determine if this is the best program and the best fit to achieve your goals.

    Best of luck with your future studies.
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    oh ok thanks for your help