Greater Lowell Tech LPN 2011

  1. Hey Everyone!

    Just wanted to start a thread for anyone going to the Greater Lowell LPN program in the fall! Post here if you've been accepted, are applying, or went and have ANY advice!
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  3. by   Ladicapricorn841
    :dhey there!! i am currently going through the program right now and second term is almost over!! cant believe it! let me just give a huge congratulations to all those who do get into the program! any advice i would have to give for surviving the first term is to take the medical terminology class that they offer during the summer before school it will be very useful. also most people will tell you to try and take some pre req classes during the summer as well (microbiology, a+p, nutrition) so you will have a lighter course load. i do agree with this but i would definitely advise sitting in on the lectures if you can. it will make second term med/surg topics much easier to understand. if anyone has any other questions they want to ask me or if you are feeling anxious in general hit me up! congratulations again
  4. by   jepos1514
    Hey Ladica! Thanks for posting and congrats on making it through the program this far!! I am already registered for AP I and APII for this summer so hopefully that will help me out a bit. Thanks for the heads up about the terminology class. Is there anything else I should know about that I need to do during the summer? I'm kind of afraid to book any vacations for fear that I will have something I need to go to for the program. Also, what are the uniforms like? Are they all the same or do they just need to be a certain color? Sorry for the questions, I feel like I have a new one everyday!
  5. by   Alicia887

    I interviewed this week for the program, and am waiting to hear back. I'm anxiously awaiting and hoping to get in From what I've heard though, the chances of getting in this late in the year are slim...
  6. by   jepos1514
    Hey Alicia!
    Congrats on getting an interview! Hopefully they'll get back to you soon. I think it was about 3-4 weeks before I got my letter. Are you applying for days or nights?
  7. by   Alicia887
    Thanks! Congratulations on getting in! I applied to nights, which one will you be in?
  8. by   jepos1514
    I'm in days. I would never get up in the morning and use that time to study if I didnt actually need to be there early so its better to use my time wisely and stick to days haha. Hopefully we'll be meeting at orientation and bootcamp though!
  9. by   littlelola
    I got accepte for this year and am excited to start. Conratulations to all the graduates of Greater Lowell Tech class of 2011
  10. by   littlelola
    Thank you for the tip. I did not take Medical Terminology because I have taken it many times. I am taking the boot camp course they offer.
  11. by   littlelola
    Hi Iris ,

    Conrats on getting in. I am going during the day as well. I hope we can meet and be study buddies.
  12. by   Ladicapricorn841
    yayyy i am sooo happy for all of you!!! i am currently waiting to take my boards! i am soooo nervous! i know you guys will do great. just keep at it and stay organized! :d
  13. by   littlelola
    Hi Ladica,

    I wish you the best on taking your boards. Good luck and best wishes on your future, you deserve it.
  14. by   jepos1514
    Hey Ladies!

    Congrats Ladica on graduation and good luck on your boards! Im sure youll do great and pass with flying colors!

    Congrats Lola on getting into the program as well! I cant wait to start and meet everyone!