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Hello, I was just wondering if there is anyone else on here that is currently waiting to get an acceptance letter to Bristol Community College's Nursing Program for Fall 2012?... Read More

  1. by   cmac0531
    One of my friends for hers in the mail this morning so we should get ours today!
  2. by   cmac0531
    I accepted everyone's requests on FB. Glad to see you were able to link to the page or search for it.I hope I didn't miss anyone's requests. If so please let me know!
  3. by   KB87
    Thanks for the acceptance, ill have to work on my page because i had just signed up.

    and for everyone who hasnt been home to receive their letter:

    *orientation is may 3rd at 12:30 in c111.
    *classes start tues sept 4th and wed the 5th it says (lab schedule 8-2pm)
    *buy calculations of drug dosages at least the 9th edition and complete chapter 1-15, there will also be a free workshop july 16-20th for the math competency if you want to take it
    * fill out the physical form and have it by 5/3 or if you physical form done after that it needs to be submitted to the g building by 7/2
    *bring your ins card with you on 5/3
    * have cpr valid through 5/30/2014
    *40 deposit for uniforms on the 5/3 fitting
    * nurse pack available in august for 100.00
    * complete the cori paper and being it with a photo id to orientation
    *50.00 for drug screen at orientation

    agenda for orientation

    * may 3rd
    11-12:30 uniform fitting
    12:30-3 nur 101 orientation

    may 4
    7am-3:15 other nursing requirements

    so we have to go on the 4th also?
  4. by   cmac0531
    Last year they blocked both days because of the drug test. You are either scheduled for Thur or Fri. So just in case you have to go get your test on Friday, I'd keep the 4th open. We were basically told day/time/location when we went to orientation that Thursday. Some people didn't realize because it wasn't really clear in the letter and had other commitments and only had Thurs blocked but had drug test on Fri.
  5. by   KB87
    thanks for clarifying that cmac...they should let people know that instead of giving it the generic title "other nursing requirements", that makes it sound like its a whole other day of important things.
  6. by   redpanda
    It does sound strange, I think they don't want people to know it's for a drug screen lol

    I should probably be at the orientation on the 3rd. Last year they had the student officers (in the begining you will elect approx 6 students, one will be the president, another vice president, and a few other positions) from a year above us talk at orientation. I would love to stay after to meet some of you and answer any questions

    Are you guys feeling feeling excited, nervous, both? It really is such an amazing program, you guys are going to love it!
  7. by   cmac0531
    That's a good point Redpanda about the drug screen!
  8. by   jaytre
    I'm feeling both excited and nervous! Nervous because I hear such horror stories about how difficult it is! Excited because I also hear from a lot of my friends that are already Nurses that the places they work will always hire a BCC grad over any other school because of its reputation.
  9. by   cmac0531
    I've heard the same thing about being a BCC grad and people wanting to hire them. That's a good thing!
  10. by   lknight06
    that's great! i started looking at a kindle and getting my books through that. has anyone else done that before?
  11. by   redpanda
    As of right now BCC has a policy that says students can not bring electronics while they are on clinical time. I would not buy the drug guide or the nursing diagnosis handbook for the kindle because you typically bring these books with you. I am not sure if they allow electronics in the lab, but if they don't, I probably wouldn't buy the main textbooks for Kindle either. I'll find out about the lab for you.
  12. by   lknight06
    thanks so much! i really appreciate it!
  13. by   KB87
    hey redpanda,

    i had a quick question. do we have to register for the nursing classes or are we automatically enrolled?