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Mass. College of Pharmacy and Health Science


I'm in limbo right now because I'm waiting to hear back from them. How competitive is it to get in? Does anyone know? See, my GPA wasn't that great-2.73 but my pre-req grades are pretty good-mostly A's, a few b's and one C. What do you think my chances are? Thanks!

There are ton of pharmacy schools in the country. Look for schools that concentrate mainly on the pre-requisite course. Sorry that you GPA is low.The profession is on the verge of creating oversupply.

Many new pharmacy schools will be more lenient about low GPAs.

I've heard that the MCPHS Worcester is fairly easy to get into at this point because it is still new. I think if you have good recommendations and a strong statement that should help. Good luck!

I think u'll be fine. I had pretty much the same app info & i'm graduating this may. Don't count your self out... U won't last in nursing school if u don't have confidence in yourself- just a word of advice.

Good Luck!:wink2:

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