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MASH Nurse remembers what it was like...


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Lovely article. I have the utmost of admiration for those nurses back then who chose difficult vocations, particularly in countries so foreign to them, and particularly in war zones.


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Wonderful news story, thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Thanks for that story. Our family visits the cemeteries here and the local auxilary has a prayer and raises the flag and a 21 gun salute. Then we put flags and flowers on graves. My husband's family has lived here since about 1850 - there are a lot of graves of his family members to place flowers on - usually iris' from my mil's garden. :flwrhrts:


This was a great article, thanks for sharing it. This nurse was definetly dedicated to her job and others I can't imagine the sacrifice she made for all of us as well as this country. I commend her bravery and dedication. This is what memorial day is really about remembrance of those wgo sacrficed and are still sacrificing for peace. Very touching article


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MASH is one of the reasons I became a nurse! LOL! Having been an active duty Air Force nurse and still a military spouse, I see every day what our military families go through--separations, reunions, long-hours, etc. Civilian families go through the same things; but perhaps at a less frequent pace and usually without gunfire and bombs.

I am very proud having been part of the US military and being a military spouse. I am currently living overseas and have had the chance to visit Normandy, go to the US cemeteries and walk along Utah and Omaha Beaches-very sobering. It is a pity that humans haven't been able to learn a darn thing from history and seem doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

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