Volunteer RN opportunities

  1. Does anyone know of any volunteer RN opportunities in Maryland, specifically the greater Baltimore area? Evenings or weekends would be ideal.

    I obtained my RN in September and (hopefully) will start the RN->BSN program and UMSON this fall. I plan to continue working at my current non-nursing full time job, but I want to get some clinical experience also.

    I've seen a few volunteer postings, but nothing where you actually perform clinical duties.

    Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   rngraduate2014
    Volunteer No.... It would most likely be in your best interest if you have passed the NCLEX to find some type of full time employment to learn (by proctor) and gain skills. If you can work nights if you want a slower pace to learn at. Or start in a nursing home. You have to have a preceptor for about 12 weeks no matter where you work unless you get into some type of home health care
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