1. Well I was rejected for the fall nursing program at TU, and I had all B's in 5/6 of my science classes and I am completing the last one this summer. I will be applying again bcuz i desperately want to get in. Now for those who were accepted within the recent semesters or even waitlisted what has been ur science gpa and overall gpa? I was super devestated. I have heard it is much easier to get in during spring, but still I'm so worried. Help anyone??
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  3. by   MegoEgo
    Hi, I just got accepted to Towson in the Fall. I have A's in the major science classes except a B+ in Micro. I have a 3.6 gpa, but that might go up after this semester.

    Anyway, I would just try to reapply for next spring and maybe send in a letter of recommendation. You can meet with the retention coordinator and ask her what you can do for next time. A friend of mine met with her and got some feedback.

    I am sorry to hear you didn't get it, but I know a lot of people in the same boat. It kind of seemed like a pot-luck to me. :/