Temporary License

  1. Does anyone have any experience on getting a temporary RN license in Maryland.

    I will have a Georgia license but may need to get a MD license quickly. How fast is the process?

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  3. by   KimberlyRN89
    The board is pretty slow when it comes to paperwork. If its possible, I suggest you go up to the BON in person..that's to ensure that they get your paperwork! Good luck
  4. by   Cassie328
    The board is very slow. It took them 3 months just to process my MD license. I didn't apply for the temporary though. They kept telling me that the criminal background check is what holds it up. Plus when you call the board, you never get through to a live person. you leave messages and they hardly ever respond.
  5. by   RN_smiles
    When i went to the board's office, they said it's done the same day. I already had my fingerprinting done(with results). the permanent license takes forever. don't call/e-mail them. go to the office in person. it's the only way you can get anything done on time at MBON.