TEAS scores

  1. I just got my TEAS results back. I got an overall 84.7% which they said was advanced, but I don't really know what a "good" score is. The schools I am applying to say they want a 70 to 80, but I feel like 80 something is still a B essentially. Is this an ok score?
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  3. by   ALL1872
    That is a good score. Of course how competititve you are overall depends on where you are applying and how your competiton ranks, but you should be very ok with this. There are applicants to good schools that get in with less than that, and it seems that very few score above advanced. I am betting your percentile rank is pretty high- (95%ish?) that is a huge indicator. Be proud
  4. by   GoldenDomer63
    That is a good score...I scored an 86% and I believe that is somewhere in the low-mid 90th percentile. As the previous poster stated, it all depends on the pool of competition for your selected program(s). TEAS and aggregate science GPA are two of the most heavily weighted selection criteria in the admissions process for nursing school; at least that is what was conveyed to me. Good luck!