PN Nclex/exit exam study group

  1. Good evening all! I am trying to start a study group of any one who lives in MD to do a NCLEX PN/exit exam study group. I really feel like it will benefit me more if I study with someone else instead of studying alone. Anyone interested please PM me or reply to this mesage.
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  3. by   bugs1439
    Hi, Best of luck for NCLEX .. What school did you go for LPN since I'm planning to apply around Maryland area? There is not much school for lpn program..

  4. by   MamaGyrl
    I went to Comprehensive Health Academy on Bladensburg Rd. Its a challenging program but its worth it!
  5. by   Ednaot
    Hi mamagryl, hope you doing great. I would like to start CHA this September and have read a lot of your post here about the school. I would need some information about the entrance exams and more especially about the school.. Pls reply thank you
  6. by   SaniPari
    I am planning to start in January. are u gng to commute?