pay in Maryland for new grads

  1. Hello everyone. What is the pay in maryland for new grads? And how fast did you get a job after u graduated?
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  3. by   ILUVNURSING01132006
    im not too sure how much the pay is but i hear its between $23-$25/hr. i asked someone @ ccbc about the nursing program both questions also and she told me that lookin for a job would be very easy (she said that they love hiring new grads) and plus there's a shortage of nurses. who knows, u may get hired on the spot somewhere, no interview or nothing. it depends on who u know and where u go
  4. by   rayofsunshine
    I just graduated in May and am now working in Harford County. I'm making 23.40 for day shift. There's a $4 differential for nights. I have a friend who works at Bayview and she makes a little more but has to pay for parking and gas. Pretty much, I've heard that all the hospitals pay around $23-25hr for day shift new RN's.
  5. by   BoonersmomRN
    GBMC starts all new grads at $24/hr + differential

    I already work there and am obligated to work there when I grad. in Dec...but I dont have a unit locked down yet.
  6. by   mdnurse1
    I got a job before I graduated and was able to do my orientation on the unit before I even took boards. I'm starting at $23/hr + differential.