Nursing Pre-Rec Major

  1. Hello to everyone of you all.
    I'm new to this site, and really enjoy reading the threads.
    I'm currently completing my Prequisite at the CCBC at the Essex Campus and would like to communicate with other students who are doing the same at this moment.
    I applied to the college as a transfer student with 12 credits accepted.

    I took my first semester in Spring 06 and took Bio 110.

    I have to re-take it again, in the falls because of having a very low letter grade. I felt bad about it, but I am not giving up, and have to move on.
    It was a very rigorous course and did not know there was tutouring available.
    I know I'm going to do very good the next time around.

    By next year Fall if God's willing, I will have all the prerequisite for the nursing program. I would like every one's opinion as to what to do when I'm done with the pre-Rec.

    I'm thinking of transferring to a four year University where I can complete the 2 years upper division for the BSN, but still I want to complete my Associate of General Studies at CCBc or even applying to their Nursing Program RN or the LPN. I'm not sure what to do. Please give me some advice
    All response will be apreciated.
    Thanks alot.
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