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Greetings! I wanted to start a thread for anyone who has applied into Montgomery College's Fall '12 Nursing program. I am applying after my second attempt on the TEAS which will be on Tuesday, March... Read More

  1. by   SarahMarie1013
    Hey guys! I just took my final today and completed my first semester in the MC nursing program. I was looking over your thread and as long as you have the pre-reqs and the minimum teas score you should be good! I've really enjoyed this semester but getting started was very hard. There's lots to do before you even step foot in the classroom and I spent about $500 on books and another couple hundred on the uniform, supplies, and doctors bills. The vast majority of teachers were amazing. And my clinical instructor was out of this world great. Also just because you get accepted doesn't mean your "safe." I felt like I was fighting to keep my spot for the first month between the new style of test taking and the pro-calc medication test you must get a 98% to stay in the program. BUT you can take it as many times as you need and it's very important stuff so you will pass it if you start making attempts early because there is a deadline and I know at least a few people got kicked out for not doing it in time. Anyways sorry for rambling but I wish someone would have given me a few tips. If you have any questions let me know I'm happy to answer them. And congrats on making it this far!
  2. by   drea588
    You are awesome, SarahMarie1013! Thank you so much for that information. What is this math exam youre talking about!? Any other information about once you get accepted that would be helpful to know? The pre-calc, how many Qs, who is it through, etc. I had NO IDEA about that.
  3. by   SarahMarie1013
    The math exam is known as Pro-calc and you will most likely hear about this on day one. It is a computerized medication test where you must be able to convert between grams to milligrams or lbs to kgs. The problems are not difficult but there are these tricky rounding rules that will cause you a headache. You will be told to buy a Calculate with Confidence book (I don't want to say which edition bc they may have a new one). You are supposed to read the chapters they tell you before day one. The exam is 30 questions and you can only get one wrong. But as long as you start taking stabs at it early you will be fine!

    The other big adjustment for me was the exams. They are all multiple choice but many of the questions have four correct answers and you have to pick the best or the priority. It really took some adjustment for people. They also have lovely select all that apply questions where 2-3 answers are right and you must pick them all to get the question correct.

    I do not mean to overwhelm you becuase I got an 88% in the main course and A's in the other ones, you can do it! Just read all the chapters before lecture and do all the course guides per chapter. They are like outlines that help you focus on what to study. They are in this big packet you will print over 100 pages!

    The first 3 weeks I felt so overwhelmed by all the stuff we were expected to do and learn I honestly didn't know if I could do it. But you can and you will. I worked part-time too and many people had young children. You can do it! Let me know if you have any more questions
  4. by   sarahcooper
    Thank God for you Sarah Marie, your inside information is very helpful!! We had a dosage/pharmacology exam every semester in my LPN program - you could only miss one question (98%) and you only got two attempts! People stressed like crazy about it!

    I'm right there with everyone on the anxiety thing! We are new to Maryland and I'm really hoping to get into this program so that I can get my RN quickly and meet friends in my field! I work overnight so I haven't made very many friends at my work place.

    Sarah Marie, what is the uniform for the program? Do you have to purchase certain styles/brands of scrubs? I read in the handbook that it was a white top and recently switched to navy blue bottoms, is that accurate? Are you allowed to wear a long sleeved shirt underneath your scrubs for clinicals? I ask because I have visible tattoos and the policy in my last program was that we had to wear a hideous scrub jacket over our uniform and shirts under scrubs were not allowed. It was bizarre.
  5. by   sarahcooper
    Hey just a reminder for everyone! The financial aide deadline for MC is May 15th, so if you haven't done your FAFSA and MC paperwork get on it! I just had to rush to get it done and I still won't have it done by the deadline because FAFSA takes 7-10 days to get to the financial aide department!
  6. by   Eramos809
    Thank you so much for the information!! Any more information you would like to pass along would be greatly appreciated!!

    My nerves are so bad, and until I know for sure they I will be a nervous wreck...I have been doing alot to help pass time, extra hours at work and alot of activities with my kids!!!!

    About the uniforms, do they have to be bought at the school or can we purchase them anywhere?
    About text books, is it preferred to purchase new books or is it safe to purchase used books?
    What other things can we start to cross off our to do lists as we wait on our answers from the college?

    I have been vaccinated for HepB, and have blood titers to show immunity against it as well as for varicella and MMR (I get it done yearly since I work in a hospital) I got the flu shot but I know I will have to get another one for the next season. I am already CPR certified and have yearly TB screening done, I have a physical every year with the hospital as well. But is there anything else I can do as I patiently wait?

    Thanks so much and any information you post is useful and needed!!!

  7. by   redmonds12
    Thanks so much for all of that extra info!!! It sounds very intense...but also exciting! Congrats on having such a successful first semester!!!

    Do you know anyone at all who got in without all of the prereqs?? I only have 2 of the 4 done, but I got pretty high TEAS scores.

    I am so nervous, and unfortunately there is nothing we can do but wait
  8. by   drea588
    came across the handbook for 2011-2012: [color=#1122cc]student handbook - montgomery college

    elena and redmonds12, im really going crazy waiting, too. i call home each afternoon to see about the mail, ugh! elena, you would think working alot and having so much else to do would help keep your mind off it! i just got through my spring semester, graduation is this friday, and yet all im thinking about is receiving that letter! if it doesnt come by the end of the month, i really hope that taking nutrition and general chem summer i will keep me occupied. those will be the last of my prereqs for mc's and many of the local bsn and rn-bsn requirements besides nursing courses, so i really just want to get started in actual nursing courses already!

    thanks sarah for the info! i got mine in early this year. i really hope yours is followed up quickly with int fa office on campus.
  9. by   drea588
    Sarahmarie- I am wondering about my very tiny, hardly noticable nose stud. Are they so strict that this will have to be removed? And what about the nail polish rule?
  10. by   SarahMarie1013
    Hey guys sorry I was away for a couple days. So uniforms are white tops with a white lab coat and you can wear either to clinical. I usually just wear the top because I get really hot running around the hospitla. The bottoms are navy blue scrubs very nice looking! Our group was the first round to get the new pants and thank god because all the other classes have white bottoms and it just seems very impractical. You have to buy all these items from the vendor that comes on registraion or orientation because MC has logos/patches and strict policies on everyone wearing the exact same uniform. You get to try on sizes and then order on the spot. I got 2 tops, pants, lab coat, 2 name-tags (in case I lost one...not a bad idea), and a few other accessories and I believe it was about $125. You must buy the lab coat because you will wear it everyday in NU121 and every time you practice in the simulation room it is required.

    They are very strict on the no long-sleeves under the uniform top....not even white. They want us to all look exactly the same including all white sneakers, no jewerly except a watch, wedding band. and 1 stud earring per ear. No nose piercings or tattoos or anything else are allowed to be seen. Majority of the patients you will care for in your first semester are elderly and although times have changed they may not have and find tattoos/unique piercings offensive. Not my outlook but that is what I was told.

    Hair must be neatly tied back and make-up lightly applied. No nail polish ever....sigh. It harbors bacteria and we don't want to be spreading bacteria from room to room. And in NU 121 you will be evaluating eachother's nail beds for cap refill everytime so nail polish is not ok there either.

    I do not know anyone who got into the program without taking the science pre-reqs. A couple people were missing a history class or something but they will take all the people with passing TEAs scores and all pre-reqs first then work their way down. But if you don't get in this semester just finish them and apply for spring. We are lucky to have 2 chances a year.

    To answer the last question you need to be CPR cert, OSHA cert (you do this in class), PPD each semester, Physical, MMR titer, Varicella titer, Hep B titer, Tdap, Flu shot, and drug/alchohol screening/background checked. Some of these I suppose you could complete now but I would wait because you want to make sure you follow their directions carefully on how to do each one. You don't want to have to go back and pay again for something. Once you do get specific directions in your acceptance letter start ASAP. They give you enough time to get it all done but the lab didn't send back one of my results and I was cutting it very close.

    Let me know if you have more questions or if I missed something. Good luck
  11. by   SarahMarie1013
    Sorry I just looked back and I missed the text book question. I got all my books from Amazon because you can buy new or used from there. Not sure if I got the best deal or not. I got mostly new books becuase I figure I'll refer to these always but some people got used ones and that worked fine too. For my pre-reqs I used chegg to rent books on the cheap but I wanted to keep these.

    Also Sarah the LPN you will have such an advantage with your experience. I had hardly ever been in a hospital and was clueless anyone who is an LPN or CNA will have a much easier time adapting. I suggest even volunteering over the summer just to get an idea of how things work.
  12. by   Eramos809
    SarahMarie you are awesome and thanks so much for all the information it is so helpful to know!!!!!!!!!

    I don't know if you know the answer or not but I work in a hospital so I get titers done, vaccines and PPD testing so would they accept those or would I have to get labs done again and another PPD? I guess its really no big deal to get them redone, I just hate having to get another PPD and more blood work! But I will if I have too!!

    Drea I am trying to keep myself busy, my oldest is in basketball so we go to practices and tournaments, I picked up more hours at my day job and working nights at the hospital but still can't keep my mind off knowing if I got in....its driving me crazy!!!! I would just like to know so I can plan out my summer and fall!!!

    SarahMarie: Is there a website where we can go to check out uniforms and supplies? I was just curious and wanted to price some things out. Another question what if you have tatoos on your lower arm/forearm would we be required to wear the lab coat at all times?

    Basically I just completed my last pre req for the nursing program and graduated with my AA in General Studies this semester but since I was still in my last class I had 3/4 of the main courses done and am hoping I can still get in!!!! I just have to keep my fingers and toes crossed!!!!

    Does anyone know how many applications were received for the fall, there are not many people on this discussion board so I am hoping people got in to other schools and will reject MC so there is more room for others...making my chances better...
  13. by   drea588
    Elena, congrats on your degree! Titers are good if within the past five years, its a question I asked since mine are already done, too. PPD and flu vaccines, I am not sure about. That reminds me I need to get my records of those.... hmm.

    I stopped by TKSS campus today to get some books for my summer I courses, and stopped by the admissions office to ask about our applications and letters. They are in the 'third stage' with the applications, (i have no idea what that means) and letters should be out "soon." please let soon be really soon!! I did ask how many were received, but they were unable to give an estimate.

    Okay guys, again good luck. Im so anxious over here, and nothing is able to keep my mind off the program.