Foreign Student Applying Application in Maryland

  1. Good Day everyone!!!

    I am a foreign graduate nurse who wish to apply licensure in Maryland. Please can you share me some informations like tips on how to process my application as quick as possible, if it permits. Also, is it true that I need to pass my English exam first before taking the NCLEX-RN? My plan is pass the NCLEX-RN first, then after that take IELTS... What do you think colleagues?

    Thank you very much and I really appreciate your help!

    God Bless us! :spin:
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  3. by   shiobe
    gud day Newbornballer! indeed you need to take an english proficiency exam (ielts/toefl) first b4 proceeding to Nclex exam. Thats the req't prior to become eligible to take's CES + English exam first then afterwards NCLEX.. Please do check Maryland Board of Nursing website. I guess. Ciao! gud luck.
  4. by   newbornballer
    Thanks for the reply, shiobe! Okay, so it is fixed that I will be taking English exam first before the NCLEX-RN...

    Maryland nurses, any tips and advice for applying Nurse Licensure in your state?