Does anyone go to ccbc catonsville?

  1. if so, can you please let me know of a good instructor to have for biol 110 and a&p i.
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  3. by   meesa214
    I took Bio 102 instead of 110. No lab component, less time commitment, but still prepares you for A&P.

    I had Kabrhel for A&PI. Loved him.
    I had Gorski for II. Didn't like her, although others say she was great. A little hard to understand due to her accent.
  4. by   ambitious student
    Thanks Messa214, I appreciate your response
  5. by   BoonersmomRN
    Well I had Dalton for Bio 110- and I got an A but I can't really say anything nice about her. She's TOUGH and not the nicest person I have ever met. So, I'd probably recommend steering clear from her. I had Dr. Schmitz for my 110 lab though and I really liked her and I know she also teaches lecture.

    I had Gorski for A+P 1. I liked her but she took a little getting used to. Kahbrel is easier and more likeable from what I have heard. I had Dr. Herrera at the Dundalk campus for A+P 2.
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  6. by   ambitious student
    Thanks Boonersmom. I appreciate the feedback and will definitely take it into consideration when registering.