Coppin State University Interview

  1. Hi, I've applied for Coppin State University's accelerated BSN program for Fall 2013. I was wondering if anyone who has applied for CSU (ABSN or Traditional BSN) has been invited to an interview.

    Also, if anyone here has been accepted previously, do you have any advice for current applicants who are invited to the interview? What can we expect?
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  3. by   MoT88
    You got an interview invite already ? That's great..did you get it via email/snail mail ?
  4. by   nursefelly
    Oh no, I haven't received mine yet. That's why I was wondering if anyone else had received theirs. I'm guessing they haven't started issuing them yet.
  5. by   MoT88
    Oh ok, the guy I spoke to said they were a little behind but we shld get invites within 2 wks
  6. by   God'sChild94
    Hello, has anyone applied gotten into Coppin State University for their Nursing Program? I am asking because I plan on applying for Fall 2016 and just wanted to get feedback from students that have possibly already completed the program. Thank You
  7. by   God'sChild94
    How is the program? Could I possibly email you to ask more questions if you don't mind?