1. im looking for a cna program in the baltimore area private or public im willing to pay up to $2,000
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  3. by   Jules A
    Check out CCBC Dundalk, I'm not sure exactly how much it is but it can't be that much.
  4. by   PralineLPN
    Some LTC facilities (Mariner Health used to, do a Google and call them) offer free classes, and pay for your testing and license. You have to stay with the company for 6 or 12 months, though.
  5. by   can
    Try Harford Community College, Bel Air, MD and Sinai hospital, I think they have a free program.
  6. by   HokieNurse
    I went through the American Red Cross, it was about 3 years ago, cost about $700 and was about 3 weeks long.. You can check it out here
    the good thing about this is there is no commitment to a particular institution afterwards.