CA Resident, but will be working as RN in MD

  1. Hello!

    If I'm an official CA resident, and will be working as a RN in MD, do I need to switch my residence over to my MD address? I'm graduating RN school soon, and am very confused with the process on how to apply for the NCLEX. What address will I use in the MBON and Pearson Vue application - the MD one or the official CA one?

    Are these the steps to take?

    1. Apply with the MBON and pay $100
    2. Apply with Pearson Vue and pay $200
    3. Wait for ATT after graduation
    4. Sign up with the Pearson Vue account for NCLEX site
    5. Take NCLEX

    Thank you!
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  3. by   Spiker
    I think you need to contact both states Boards of Nursing for the official answers. You want to get it right the first time, & not run from state to state to get it right!