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  1. Anyone have problems with the Board of Nursing loosing paperwork for renewals and endorsements? I sent papers in for endorsement, have recieved my cancelled check, but when I call they have no record. The hospital where I interviewed says this is a commom problem.
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    [font=Comic Sans MS]OH YEAH!!!

    [font=Comic Sans MS]I submitted my paperwork to West Virginia in March... and same story, got the cancelled check and nothing else. I called the board office and got the run around several times. Finally I threatened to get an attorney and just like magic, I had another application in the mail with a written apology "and all fees waived" letter. My thoughts... they d##m well better be waived, I've paid them one time already. I sent this pak certified and got a signed receipt. I also received a follow up phone call to ensure that I had gotten my license when they mailed it out. But never did recieve the "enclosures" such as WVa Standards of Practice... thank god for the internet and a printer.