Anyone applying to UMSON for Fall 2018

  1. Super early but I've already been accepted to UMSON Shady Grove for Fall 2018. Anyone else applying? Where's a good place to live that's close to D.C. and Shady Grove? We are military and will be moving to Maryland in April 2018. Can't wait to meet some fellow nursing students!

    Here are my stats for those interested:
    TEAS 80%
    Science GPA: 4.0
    Overall GPA: 3.92
    Accepted for Spring 2018, deferred to Fall 2018 since we're still in WA state. Deposit paid and seat reserved.
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  3. by   mcarro98
    I'm applying to UMSON at Baltimore for Fall 2018, how long did it take for you to hear back about a decision?
  4. by   Allimeyer89
    The deadline to apply was sept 1 I believe and almost everyone heard by Halloween. I received a call first to verify which campus I wanted about a week before the site was updated.
  5. by   multiplex
    This is where you can find those applying to UMSON for fall 2018.
  6. by   Belle.
    Allimyer89Which program are u applying for? Is it traditional bsn
  7. by   Allimeyer89
    Yes! The traditional BSN at shady Grove.