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Maricopa GCC evening program


Has <1 years experience.

Hey I was just wondering if there is anyone that is in or has been through GCC evening nursing program and know how many spots they have for the evening program? As well as is it a five night a week thing?

Thanks for any information!

The evening program is one weeknight from 5pm-10pm (or so) and 1 day a week of clinicals on Friday or Saturday. The rest is done on your own time (and it takes a lot of home time). It's a great program if you need to work, or are juggling kids with your spouse (or both).

futrpmhnp, BSN

Has 4 years experience.

Can anyone tell me info on block 4 at gcc? Like what is the first couple weeks of the semester like? Is there pass/fail math exams? Is there simulations? Do the teachers want you to succeed?