March 2016 pvt nclex rn

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So took my nclex RN for the second time today, first time I FAILED at 265 questions, got home and tried the PVT, and got message that pops up about a "Hold" I tested on a saturday, and by Monday evening, tried the PVT again and "it took my money". Well it didnt really take my money because every time I used my credit card I put the wrong expiration year so it wouldnt charge. Waited exactly 45 days for my new ATT and tested on day 47. Took the test this morning at 8AM and this time I RAN OUT OF TIME. I took a break every time it asked me to take a break, did some stretches in the hall, used the bathroom here and there even though I didnt have to pee.... This time it stopped at 207, 25 SATA (I was marking it on my dry erase board). 1 math. couple exhibit questions. Left the test center at 2. I tried the PVT twice and got the pop up that says "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time." (It is now, 3:50PM, btw) so anyways....I'm patiently waiting [emoji19]