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MAR documentation

by Mursely Mursely (New) New

So I have a question that says, "Your patient has been ordered Lopressor. The MAR is written as: Lopressor 25 mg. ii PO BID. Hold for SBP

I of course said yes, I will administer the medication.

I've never learned about MAR recording, can anyone help me?

Would I say "PT. SBP > 100, Lopressor 25 mg ii PO administered"

You would note the time you gave it with your initials, and note the actual BP. As to the exact format in which you will chart, that may vary from facility to facility, and they'll show you when you get there.

I'm sure it does vary some from facility to facility. We always drew a line through the administration time, initialed, and wrote BP next to it. (If pt was not given the med we circled it and notated why it wasn't given) That's just been my experience.