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Manhattan and Brooklyn LPN pay rate NYC


Hello Everyone, I currently reside in the Bay Area of California and am moving to New York in a few months. I was wondering if anyone had insight to pay rates. I currently have 1 year expreience at $29 an hour FT in an ambulatory setting. I have seen a few postings for Beth Isreal and Mount Sinai clinics and know some upscale Private practices often highter on the Upper East/West Sides. If you can help give me a range on how much id be losing/gaining that would be great. The area I live in is definatly cost comparible to NYC so the price to live there will be no shock to me. I work as a Float so I have experience from infants to Geriatric patients and am comfortable enough with my skills to have been asked to train new staff. Ideally I would like a hospital, private practice, or ambulatory setting. I have worked in sub-acute but my heart is not in it. Any leads would be greatly appreciated as well.

Thanks for your input!

Hello! I make $23.83 per hour for pediatric home care in NYC

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