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Mandatory inservices for Ct

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Hello everyone I am new to allnurses but also new to my position. I was hired for SDC and also to on the role of infection control and wounds. Ive been a nurse for 5 year but this is definitely very new and challenging. For the most part I have had no help. I am going to school for infection control and then wounds but my concern is Inservices. I am really left no time. I have researched endless hours and really need help. Here are my questions.

1. I am aware there are 12 mandatorys yearly, Is there anywhere to find out exactly what they are and is there a amount of each time for each one? I know Hippa, osha, fire,dementia, sexual harrassment,abuse, work place violence, I just really want state guidelines?

2. Is there any easy way to log inservices?

3. How many hours do they need besides mandatory?

4. Any where to get these videos for next to nothing?

I am working for a place with no budget, and before I came there has not been a sdc for 3 years. Yeah so this is what I am working with but I love a challenge. Thank you!!!!

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