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management theories inA&E

can anyone here help with my assignment please? I am supposed to be doing about which management styles are used in A&E, i.e classical, scientific, bureaucratic etc... Ihave asked the nurses at work but none of them have a clue! am realllly stuck

can anyone please help?

Tina K

Bill_ER, BSN, RN

Specializes in Emergency Staff.

Would have to read up on the theories that encompass those management styles first to be able to offer any intelligent comment. Have any literature you could post to explain those theories?

Until then, you could just add me to the clueless group (no surprise to anyone I'm sure, but it feels good to know I belong to some kind of group for now). :chair:


Specializes in a&e. Has 15 years experience.

The only management theory we use in our department is chaos!!! I was old school trained and we didnt really go into things like that, if you let me know what the different styles are I will let you know what we do!!:wink2:

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