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  1. Does anyone know anything about Financial Aid, student loans, Grants, Scholarships, etc. I have applied for student loans, and have received a pell grant of 4,050 for the 2006-2007 academic year, which covers my tuition, and books, but how is a fella gonna pay the bills? My school says my limit is 7500 per year on student loans. I asked her about private student loans and she said that they would still have to come through my school, and the school would decide how much to give me. So it does not matter how much money I apply for to borrow, with a co-signer, my school can tell me how much I should get? They said my estimated cost of attendance living off campus and being an independent student was 11,358.00. When I subtracted my federal pell grant, that only left me with about 7,300 bucks, and I applied for a 7,500 federal loan. I started to ask her if she could live off of that this year! So she said if I took out a private student loan, all I could get was the cost of attendance minus whatever financial aid I am already receiving this year. Well if my cost of attendance is 11,358.00 and I already have 11,358.00 in total rewards then what? Argggghhhh! You would think my school would be more helpful. There is a Nursing shortage right? There is a male nursing shortage too right? Somebody please tell me what I am missing here. Thank you for any info and God Almighty bless you. Eric.
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  3. by   jb2u
    my suggestion is to contact sallie mae's web site and look into what is called an after stafford loan. you can use this for living cost and it doesn't have to be paid back until 6 months after you graduate. also, look into scholarships! do a web search, ask your financial aid office, go to nursing association web sites.

    you can also do what i do. i work as a pca/student nurse at a hospital. full time during summer, but during school, i work weekends only (12 hour shifts). my wife is a stay at home mom and i have two kids. having this job SERIOUSLY reduces the amount that i need to borrow.

    best of luck to you,