DNP - Soooooo Bored....

  1. Hello everyone -

    I am presently in week 3 (of 8) of my second DNP class with an online school of nursing and I find myself thinking of dropping out because the material is so utterly dry and boring. I'd be curious to hear from anyone who's dealing with this as well. Granted, the class is a continuation of nursing theory and research from MSN and first semester's awful. Why do we think THIS is what we should be learning about at this point in our careers????!
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  3. by   Apple-Core
    DNP? Doctor of Nursing Practice?
  4. by   jj224
    DNP = biggest waste of time and money
  5. by   harajuku
    Nursing school gets more inane the further you progress.
  6. by   protectNnurse2b
    Are you looking for motivation or discipline? One is readily available, the other you have to pull deep within yourself. You choose.