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MalcolmX 2016

by EZacarias EZacarias (New) New

I'm waiting for the nursing application to open this Thursday 10/15. When the applications open I will be able to see the teas dates open at ATI. I can't wait! Has anyone taken the teas exam? And if so was it difficult?

I am currently taking A&PII and plan to take microbiology next semester.

Hey I'm looking forward to applying for the nursing program 2016 too. I have a 3.5 gpa and I have yet to take the teas. However, they is accepting applications til May which give us an extended amount of time to study the teas so we can get great scores.

Hi Tamoiya123,

I took the CNA course during the summer and I had to get a background check. I'm wondering if that will be accepted for the nursing application.

Let me know what date you schedule for the TEAS.

Hi, has anyone gotten any info on the apllications?

Thank you very much