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Making Up Pre-requisites in or near Peterborough ON

by industriousant industriousant (New) New


I am new here and looking for some information about pre-requisites.

I will be living in Peterborough Ontario as of this summer.

I graduated high school in 1996 (Quebec), did 3 years of CEGEP and have a B of Fine Arts from Ryerson. Obviously I am missing a good chunk of sciences (Physiology, Chem/Bio) but my humanities are fine. I may even have enough sociologies and psychologies.

As I am missing certain pre-requisites to apply for a Bachelor of Science program. I was wondering if anyone knows where in Peterborough or nearby would be the best place to make up these courses. Of course I have thought of Trent, but looking at their website, it doesn't seem like they have courses for mature students, only just the programs of study with the full course load. Anybody have any other leads? I was hoping for a place with adult education or continuing ed...yet to find it as i'm not too familiar with Peterborough.

Thanks a lot!