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Make sure your contract is correct!

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I had a bad experience with my agency not fulfilling what they told me on the phone. I tried to have everything in writing but I guess I missed a piece. Make sure you have the Gross total for your pay written out on the contract!

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wife doesnt want me to post until contract is up

Gross pay is simple arithmetic. You should be able to add the various compensation components and come up with an accurate number.

It is net pay quotes that can cause problems. Taxation assumptions have to made that may not apply to a particular traveler. For example tax home status, specific states of taxation, and marital status and number of deductions. Also the number of hours worked per pay period affects net pay, either overtime or under expected hour.

There is no possibility of having net pay being contractually agreed but travelers are not infrequently paid below their expectations. Gross pay is again just adding up the compensation components. Even that won't add up correctly if there are missed hours.


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