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maintaining competency levels

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I am a MSN student with a role option of nurse educator. I am looking to teach nursing students at the Associate Level. Currently I work as a manager and have been away from the bedside for a few years. What are your thoughts about requiring nurse educators to continue to practice bedside nursing in order to maintain their clinical skills for teaching? How do you assess a nurse educators competency? Do you feel that it would discourage nursing instructors from entering the field if they also had to work clinical hours in addition to teaching? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!


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That's normal here.

We go with our students to the ward, 52 hours per student for the 3 years of nursingschool. The max. are 4 students for one educator per visit.

Plus, during summerbreak we go to the a ward of our own choice, most of the time the speciality you teach in school, and work there for at least 4 weeks. When there is time between classes, I personally go to the ward too, just to not lose my grip, but that is my free will.

Take care, Renee

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