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  1. Am currently considering a job offer from York Hospital--can anyone shed any light on this facility???
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  3. by   MaineEMT2RN
    I can't tell you anything about working there, but I can tell you that it is our family's hospital of choice. My mother has some complicated health issues and she has always received excellent care in York over the course of many years. Day surgery, cardiac care, ER - it's all been excellent. When we had to choose a new PCP, DH and I looked specifically for one who practiced out of York.

    And the food is always great, too!
  4. by   zacsmimi
    Limited experience (I work for Hospice) but we do interact with them and I have been very impressed... very small, very nice feel to the place. In the lab, the cafeteria, the pharmacy and on the floor. Nice place to work I would think....