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  1. Has anyone heard back from USM regarding admission for the absn program starting in May? After looking at post from previous years, people found out around the 8/9th of December. Is there a way to check online? I'm eager to know whether or not I should pay and submit my applications for other schools
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  3. by   3rin

    I called USM this Monday, 19DEC as it looked like letters were sent out the beginning of Dec in past years. I was told that all letters were sent out this past Friday and some this Monday. Sounds like we will all be finding out this week! Good luck everyone!!!
  4. by   3rin
    I just received an acceptance letter today, which was dated 20DEC. I'll be moving cross country with a large dog and will be looking for a small house or dog friendly place to rent. Not sure if there are typically closed FB groups that form for incoming classes? I look forward to meeting you all & working with you in the near further!
  5. by   pagingnurseTammy
    I also received an acceptance letter for the ASBSN program for the May--2017!

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