RN Salaries in Maine (especially Millinocket)

  1. Hey everyone...I just graduated and my husband is getting ready to begin nursing school. When he finishes, we hope to move up to Maine. It is way too hot down here in Louisiana and we have a different kind of lifestyle in mind (quiet and peaceful!) I would greatly appreciate any information about nursing salaries around Maine! Thanks y'all!
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  3. by   JPine
    The wages RNs make in Maine is not very good even without taking into consideration the high cost of living. New grads start anywhere from $18.20 to $19.80 an hour. Raises are few and far between and no effort is put into retaining the nurses hospitals already have. To top it all off Maine is number ONE in the country for taxing its residents!!! In a mid-size town, if you've got an acre of land and a 1600 sq. foot house you can pay more than $2000 for property taxes. I know this 'cause that's what my mom pays.