Pay at Maine Medical Center

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    Considering relocating from Burlington VT to Portland. What should a nurse with 5 years experience, certifications, telemetry expect for hourly pay rate? Searched for old threads with pay info, couldn't find anything. Thanks for any insight you can offer!
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  3. by   SPMME13
    Did you ever find out or make the move? I'm sorry I do not have the answer as I'm just starting my journey to becoming a nurse my self I was just wondering what the answer was to your question.
  4. by   saskrn
    This is a little late, but I work in Maine, have 20 years of experience, and make in the low $30+/hr range plus a decent differential. Based on my location, I'm guessing that Portland's pay rate would be similar.
  5. by   saskrn
    I forgot to mention that I work for a Maine Health (Maine Med affiliate) hospital, also.